Wednesday, 28 March 2007


Dropped in to PC World at lunchtime to see about USB connectors for the mobile phone, as I have a couple of mobile phone chargers that are miniUSB out, but I need to convert them to accept the normal USB in. They suggested Maplins, so I'll drop in there on the way out to the Benn' tomorrow (in my B-kit).

Went to the oriental supermarket for some seaweed cakes. I read that they are good as trailfood, as they contain vitamins and suchlike. I don't know for sure, but a few won't do me any harm. Tried them before with riceballs - tastes like I imagine seagull vomit does, but has that exotic kick to it. Went in with my scavenger eyes in, and came out with a couple of packs of pickled vegetables, some more noodles, and a strip of "Hello Kitty" sweets.

Saw the photo of the aircrew holding a Garmin eTrex out of the door of his hello, and I thought - you want to have a lanyard on that, as they're slippery wee things.

Signed up for the UK Outdoor Bloggers Forum.

Got the charity page up and running at:

Mike came round after work, and we watched Werner Herzog's "Grizzly Man" about Timothy Treadwell. A thought-provoking movie. Most of my thoughts were "no - don't do that, these are wild animals". An example of the movie can be found here. It was a good movie, leaving me with questions and thoughts about reality and sanity, but I definitely felt more sorry for his companion, Amie Huguenard, who died with him. She does not get a wiki entry.

Alan Sloman has beaten 25% of the UK on his (truly) big walk. 423 miles in 28 days.

There's an exhibition about Aberdonian volunteers in the Spanish Civil War at the art gallery - I must get to see it. When I was looking in to the conflict, I found this page of Spanish children's drawings from 1938. A photo-diary of the war can be found here.

On a cheerier note, Simon's photos of Beinn Dearg and An Teallach can be found here.

Update: WD has some good tarp pictures and advice here.


Michael G Clark said...

Treadwell was an 'A' grade loopy bloke. I'm sure he was acting up to the last moment. "I love you mr. chocolate." Crunch!

A total balloon.

Michael G Clark said...

Posted a link-a-tron to your charity thing. I like the Gurkha's too so I'm going to buy one.

Great around the house.