Wednesday, 21 March 2007

SUW T-10

Picked up some Polish sausages to try on the trek. I had Bohan's for tea, and a nice snack. The Uhlan's I'd had before, but preferred the type that was new to me. The woman in the shop said it was dryer, and she was right. Also pulled me up for calling them 'salami'. That's me told.


Added a diary to the sidebar.


I normally collect the "sorry, you were out" cards from the Post Office and drive to their sorting office to reclaim my property. I cringe when I have to deal with these guys. For one thing, they aren't "sorry" as the post used to be delivered when people hadn't gone out to work. So scrub the "sorry" comment and change it to:

"it is cheaper for us if you collect your own mail, which I'm sure you appreciate as it means stamps are a bit cheaper; but we don't care if you don't cos there's nothing you can do about it"

Just off to try there redelivery website for the first time. Well, they spent a lot of government money on it, so it must be worthwhile.


I've started a kit list of things to get after the SUW (thanks, Stef/BG, for item one on the list).