Monday, 19 March 2007

SUW T-12

Someone asked me what the total ascent of the Southern Upland Way was? I didn't know offhand, so had to check in Ronald Turnbull's "Across Scotland on Foot". After checking the number by adding up the ascents listed in Roger Smith's official SUW guidebook, the graphical answer is:

A couple of Munros short of Everest.


West to East that is 6,980m/22,900 feet. At least it is spread over 212 miles/340km.


Chris Cowell said...

You mean you don't use digital mapping Duncan?!! A technologically advanced walker like you!

Anonymous said...

I reckon Aktoman should be able to virtually walk it, whilst you stay at home and blog his progress.

AktoMan said...

LOL, thanks for coming to my defence, Anon.

I've the lying-up-points loaded into Memory Map, but don't use routes, preferring to go from waypoint to waypoint, Chris.

I have a few cunning plans about mapping too.