Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Clarkie, the Boy Wonder

Mike, the designer of the AktoMan logo, writes about the process on his blog.

Is this the sort of sign you were waiting for, Mike?

aktosignaktosign Hosted on Zooomr


Simon said...

The new logo automatically transfers to my favorites list. Cool. I wish I understood e-stuff.

No I don't. I take it back. I wish I had a life.

AktoMan said...


The secret is, Simon...a notepad on my desk. I jot down ideas, and then work on one of them when I have the time.

Michael G Clark said...

na na na na na na na na - Aktoman.

I hope you have your cape on order for the walk?

AktoMan said...

Big blue cheapo-tarp does that.

Hmm....I wonder if I can get a stencil cut out and some spraypaint...jumpers for goalposts...