Friday, 15 February 2008

Bastish makes it into Kura

Bastish: blogger, photographer, outdoorsman and hubby of Tomoe made it, made it into the Kura magazine in Japan. Full story.

He is also in the Chunichi paper too, but I'm reading that through Google Translator:

Living in the village is connected to nature. Field, and can not say 100 per cent can live. And the city, the money is gone hopelessly vague anxiety, but I can live right here with confidence.

People are warm ties. Residents feel benevolent watch it. City, the money is not only to protect oneself. That's a really happy life? So I was "happy".

Something lost in translation, but the sentiment is there, I think. Look at his blog, then watch "My Neighbour Totoro" - yup, he lives in Totoro's village.


bastish said...

Actually, Totoro lived in Chiba. ;P

AktoMan said...

I love the bus stop :)))

btw - were your ears burning? I recommended your blog to a workmate who had been given a Japanese calendar by her local takeaway because they reckoned she needed to see the soothing photos of Fuji-san and cherry blossoms, etc., now available on prescription ;-)

It's the little things in the photos, like your neighbour with his 'traditional' hat - I was painting ashigaru wargames figures in similar, and reading Usagi Yojimbo stories where he's wearing similar.

I'm off to the Cairngorms tomorrow night, and don't know if I'll see any snow at all. I'll check the webcams before I go.