Sunday, 24 February 2008

ePetition: State of the Nation

I know nothing of The Ramblers Association.

Why would someone who Rambles be interested in wild camping?

Why would someone who goes out to watch birds and wildlife (eg CountryFile folk) be interested in Wild Camping?

Why would the National Parks be interested in giving access to people who wild-camp?

Why should they bother? People drive from the urban areas to the rural areas and the rural folk have only a few hours to suck as much money out of them as possible. Wild camping stops people paying for hotels, B&B and the like. They can damage the region by lying down on the grass, throwing litter away, setting fires for cooking etc etc.

None of this is the pre-requisite of people camping overnight, let alone the true wild camper. Will the next stage be anti-fishing, anti-mountain-biking, anti-hang-gliding?

So many restrictions in the outdoors, it is much easier to just stay on the sofa and watch tv about the increases in obesity.

Ironic, isn't it.