Saturday, 2 February 2008

Wild Camping Petition: T+9d pm

From a response I left to John Hee's comment across on Darren's blog:

It gets people thinking too. Which can only be a good thing.

Some people who want to give kids ASBO's for having a kick-around in the street with a hood up. "Fear of crime". Maybe, just maybe, that's why some kids don't leave the sofa. Maybe, just maybe, with more toleration, then obesity levels would drop.

Are we going to be a more tolerant society or less over the coming years? Some people have already described police helicopters being used to monitor unlawful wild camping.  But anecdotes and here-say are useless.

Just look at what Reyaz Limalia (Trail, March 08, p87) was saying about getting "weird looks" from outdoors folk.

Why should mature, sensible wild camping be tolerated when it doesn't hurt the landowner or the environment, and may bring extra revenue to isolated communities.

Life is but a dream, shamoomshaboom.


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