Tuesday, 26 February 2008

The Wild Camping Association

Had some thoughts when hiking on Saturday – cleared work from mind (after 2-3hrs of thinking on it), and then moved onto other matters.

Big plan … long term thoughts, not instant action …

I’m not a townie. I was brought up “free range”.  Some, but not all here may be the same, I don’t care, we all have our motivations.

I hate the way that the recent responses include the fact that “ Scotland is different”. We aren’t. Our small communities make money from trade – Lord Smith made that clear in Andy’s podcast. Why shouldn’t the same be true of England & Wales.

Wild camping opens up the country to new routes, new days, new experiences and new vistas.

So, lets change tack.

We start pushing for an “opt in scheme”. Communities and Access Land owners can “opt in” to the wild camping scheme. Like the Mountain Bothies Association, membership for public would be optional, but...like the MBA, membership money would be spent on behalf of the facilities.

Now, I know that’s a big step up from the ePetition, and we all accept that it is early days in getting any changes, but it means that we are serious, and that we don’t have to rely on the kindness of strangers. Strangers who have their own motivations, their own concerns, their own priorities.

The Wild Camping Association


ePetition up to 656 signatories, minus those who don't like some of the talk being bandied around and wish to maintain the status quo. That makes just 10 until "the Beast" signs - I wonder who it'll be? Lord Smith of Finsbury? Brian Blessed? Ben Fogle? Julia Bradbury?