Wednesday, 20 February 2008

ePetition: When I was out

I turn my back for a day, and look what happens. A slow day, only 3 new signatures. They've obviously read Chris' post - he's right, of course.

BG!'s been out with a handful of posters - a poster that I made - by my own fair hand! Yeah, I know someone with years of design experience could have done better, but there it is, in a shop window. (post with photos)

On a lighter note, Mike Pitt's back from Brasil - with photos to chase away any seasonal disaffections. (blog)


566 signatures


WD said...

I don't think Chris's posting had that big an impact (sorry Chris). I think we have started to see the saturation point of the people we reach with our blogs and forums.
I think the recent spurt was due to a kayaking forum picking up on the issue.
And that to get more signatures we need to reach out now from out little enclosed online world. Like Stef has, with the plans for The Outdoors Show, and also hopefully some of the other outdoors related people will pick up on the issue and support it (ie kayakers, bushcraft, MTB etc).
I also think we may get a spike once the next issue of TGO hits the news stands.

AktoMan said...

Darren - I've read your comment on Chris' blog and found it to be a bit snippy, so I've replied accordingly.

"I don't think Chris's posting had that big an impact" - I didn't realise posts had to make an impact. And when the government decides to brush the ePetition into the "too expensive to implement" cupboard (as has already been intimated), Chris, Springheel and others may still be right as landowners lock down their land even more. Did the CRoW have negative effects on access, as well as positive? I don't know, I live in Scotland.

Michael G Clark said...

Did you make the Ozzmoysis poster?

AktoMan said...

Nope - it has a font that you can read at a distance, mine was made as a flyer. Ahem, and other excuses.