Thursday, 7 February 2008

Just add Photons

Yet another corker via Kirou's feed. A torch so hot that it can be used to cook with.

Sadly, I've just bailed on a winter Munro bag, so feel a fake posting about the outdoors. Equally sad that getting out becomes a "stressor". Don't bother telling me that I need a life - I sold my desk on eBay, and the only time anyone'll find out is when I do all my paperwork and filing. I didn't raise enough to buy the three hundred dollar torch though.


Abcol@Altens said...

don't switch it on in your pocket

Story Quine said...

Hee hee, James Martin could use that for the omelette challenge on 'Saturday Kitchen'! How cool is that? It would really help after the difficulty I have in youth hostels in finding CLEAN frying pans small enough to do omelette or indeed, scrambled egg in!!
Bit of a James Bond gadget that - you'll see Daniel Craig using it to burn a hole in something in the next film!

Anonymous said...

Ah well maybe James Martin has enough money 2 let that torch burn a hole in his pocket, I'm sure I don't have enough spandoulas (oh soz Euros) 2 let it burn a hole in mine! I hope that torch comes with a warning - for feils whose pockets are too big, or just generally hae too much money!