Monday, 18 February 2008

Something wicked this way comes

I was sure i saw a squirrel on they way in to work. I was sure it was grey. I am not sure if i have to report it though, nor who to.


Chris Cowell said...

Do you see many red's 'up there' Duncan? Outside of captivity, I have never seen a red squirrel - we took a cottage in the lakes last summer, and apparently, there were reds in the garden, although they stayed well hidden. We were given a number to contact of we saw any greys.

John Hee said...

I'm sat looking into the garden at 8 greys munching the (costly) bird seed. And no air rifle on the premises - curses.

Did see a red once - in the mouth of a passing cat.

I think I may be infested. And cursed.

AktoMan said...

I've never seen a squirrel in Aberdeen, seen some deer moving down the side of the old railway track.

I've seen reds out in the forest around the Linn of Dee carpark, Cairngorm NP.

gwenalexander said...

I've never seen a red squirrel, No thats a lie I think I saw one on the way back from camping?? (were we camping) the time FJ was with us, FJ and I saw a red squirrel anyway when we were in the car on the way home- never seen one when on foot though.
I have lots of greys near my house.

AktoMan said...

It is a rarity to see them, they move so fast. I don't spend time lurking in parks in Aberdeen, so don't know if they are resident in any of them.

Shame that I have to feel bad about seeing a grey up here though.

AktoMan said...

Well, that's the deed done...filled out the coouncil's pest control form:

Not sure if I'm supposed to report this, but I was sure I saw a grey squirrel at the Brigade-side of the railway bridge on Nelson Street