Saturday, 2 February 2008

Wild Camping Petition: T+9d am

Wild camping ePetition signatures reached 300 before noon today. There'll be dancing in the streets of Farnborough tonight.

The guilty couple can be found here. Well done, Linda (300) in letting Colin (299) go first.


Anonymous said...

Am busy lobbying outdoor centres etc. No responce yet. Dawn.

AktoMan said...

err…there’s something not right here. When I blogged it, Colin MacLeod was 299, and Linda Lennie was 300. Now, the site says that there are 300 signatures, and the last person, therefore nr 300 is: Mike Wren.

Something’s not right here. Is there an option for people to remove their names, or is editing out ’silly’ names? Doesn’t look like it. Hmm…steward’s enquiry?

AktoMan said...

And now, it shows 303 signatures, with Darren M Hoyle = 303. thus…
Mike Wren = 302.
Linda Lennie = 301.

At least it isn’t something difficult like counting asylum seekers!

AktoMan said...

Good one, Dawn.