Thursday, 21 February 2008

PeerCast: ‘Lord Smith Interview’

The Outdoors Station is hosting Andy Howell's interview with Lord Smith of Finsbury. Amongst many, many other things, Lord Smith is the President of the Ramblers’ Association, and a compleater.

Podzine - Lord Smith Interview

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He's a great speaker, and it comes across well in Andy's piece. Amongst everything else, a wonderful history of the rights of access in England & Wales and Scotland. The facts he has were educational - estimated that sixty million pounds to the Scottish economy from walking tourism.

If you have signed the wild camping ePetition, or have refused to sign it, or have concerns, listen to this podzine.

Also available on iTunes.

Terms of reference: the late John Smith; Kinder Trespass; Michael Meacher (and his blog)