Sunday, 17 February 2008

Blessed are the Peaks

What the heck did this video clip come from? John Hee pointed it out: "Brian Blessed Saviour of the Universe".

He just takes the mickey out of himself - hardly pausing for breath.

It is from "Fun at the Funeral Parlour" (IMDB details). There's even an official site. I'd never even heard of the series, and now I have the urge to buy the dvd. Strange the way that the Internet works. Of course, the clip is probably in breach of copyright, but is enough to generate a sale from me.

Cross-referencing the official site finds the clip to be from Series 1 Episode 4 - The Mountains of Doom.

There's even a rude outtake.

Out of stock on Amazon just now, but they have information on the dvd - which contains both series.


John Hee said...

Duncan - check Amazon's used section - I ordered an in-stock copy for £7.11 inc p&p shortly after ny early posting