Friday, 15 February 2008

It's that ePetition again

I was wondering if the reason for the splurge on the wild camping ePetition signatures mentioned earlier was down to Andy Howell talking to the Right Honourable the Lord Smith of Finsbury about it?

Of course, we talked about how the Access Laws might be extended and about the right to wild camping. He was quite thoughtful and interesting on this, making the very valid point that the legal position in Scotland has always been different and comes from a very different legal and law-making tradition. Looking at England and Wales there were other important issues of access that also need to be considered. I won’t spoil it for you - you can judge for yourself in a few days or so.
Full details on Andy's post.

Lord Smith's Biography.

And, before you ask where the heck Finsbury is? Here's the Answer

I await the podcast.

Bob Smith (grough editor), Luke Smith, jeff smith, Richard Smith, William Smith, Rachael K Smith, Heather Thomas-Smith, Roly Smith. No "Chris Smith", "Lord Smith" or "Finsbury" listed.


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