Thursday, 5 October 2006

Gear 2: Pacerpoles

Just got an email from the nice people at Pacerpoles to say that the sections I'd mailed to them on Tuesday lunchtime, had been fixed and were back in the post to me. I'd over-tightened the lower sections and couldn't undo them. Must be the porridge in the mornings.

If you're not familiar with these poles, that's them leaning against the trig point on Glas Tulaichean, my 29th Munro. Here's the comments I wrote after coming back from my first trip out with them 2 weekends back:


Just back from 25 miles and 3 Munros in Cairngorm NP. PacerPoles were great.
Walking on flat, they help push (not pull) me along. But, they also did the same going uphill. Someone on an earlier thread described it like pushing on the arms of a chair to help you get out of the chair. I got the reference this weekend.
Also noticed that the poles work at a better angle on steeper slopes than 'conventional' poles.
I'm going to recolour the strings so I can tell quickly which pole is which without referring to the wee plastic inset.
I haven't used them for tarps or tent poles, so review doesn't include that use.
Oh, and the 'pistol grip' is great when tracking grouse exploding from the heather. Sorry, is it just me that does that?


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