Wednesday, 18 October 2006

WHW day 5.3

Look, don't text me the answer. It's nae exactly Fermat's Last Theorem [*], but it's diverting my brain from the pain of the diametrically opposite blisters on my left foot. Overlooking Inveroran hotel.

For first time, I can see where I'll be walking for the next few hours. It's like something out of a Japanese painting. Mist, trees, water. I hope I see a heron, it'd just complete the scene.

A stag is visible on the ridgeline to my left. He wanders off, adding to the bellowing coming from 3-4 different directions, and the duck calls from the water. A bowl of sake would go down nicely. No sign of any woodcutters [*]. A car spoils the illusion. Reality beckons.