Thursday, 21 June 2007

Same old same old

Andy's got an article across on his blog. It surprised me. Actually it disappointed me more than surprised me. I've picked up some of it from Bob's recent postings.

Anyway, here's my reply - over the top, as usual, but negativity gets me down:

I wonder when the backlash from the mainstream gear retailers/manufacturers will start? The ones who all stock/make approach shoes, and work with hi-tech materials to product lighter packs/clothing.

I suppose Harris Tweed and canvas makers will be rubbing their hands in glee. Okay, in extremis, but you get the picture.

And as to recording podcasts - maybe a sign of the 'digital divide'? Some people haven't got used to Web 1.0, and now we're starting on Web 2.0 - no wonder they get snippy. Allowing people to listen to an interview about a hobby/sport? Witchcraft. Or it'll be on an inhouse exclusive TGO podcast soon?

Or you'll be blamed for not asking properly, or going through a PA, etc.

In the end, this negativity puts people off organised events, purchasing gear, buying magazines, joining forums, and otherwise participating in hiking, wild camping, Munro bagging, or whatever aspect of outdoors life they enjoy.

The media (old and new) needs to grab people and invite them into the world-wide community of (hikers et al), and show the neophyte what's available, what's on offer, that they aren't alone. If all they see is bickering and destructive criticism, they'll just stay away and the only winners are the local gear shops - one of which tried selling a 70litre rucksack to a weekender (maybe the canvas tent needed the space?).

Frankly, I don't give a damn. I've got my kit, my style, and am happy with it. If someone thinks that tarps are the work of the devil and anyone sleeping under one is likely to wake up dead, then that's their opinion.

The fewer people who go out hiking, the more likely I am likely to get the hills to myself.


John Hee said...

Duncan the nice thing here is that you've both got equally valid viewpoints, and when it comes down to it that means your both right for own selves.
Which i guess is what its all about in the end

AktoMan said...

"Hiking your own hike" is one thing, John, but to ridicule or tout a gear trend as being dangerous is just nuts. I agree that low base weights aren't for everyone, eg novices, or in every terrain, eg winter, but neither is sea kayaking out to investigate killer whales.

As I don't use a tarp, I don't know why I get defensive about attacks on and within a pastime I participate in. It just leaves me cold and annoyed.

Actually I do know why I get defensive - years of being told interests of mine were silly - roleplaying, wargaming, re-enactments, reading sci-fi or fantasy, usng computers. I grew up defending what is now acceptable and mainstream. I'm just thought that I'd finally fallen into a pastime that was mainstream - heck, going out of doors and enjoying the wilderness. But no, it too has cliches and target-hunters.

Ooh, I could get some painting done on some 28mm Late-WW1 French infantry instead of going up Bennachie this weekend. Oh goody, nice and relaxing and safe, rather than the nasty old outside world.

John Hee said...

"to ridicule or tout a gear trend as being dangerous is just nuts"

Hmm - I'm sure we've both seen 'Millets dressed' adventurers in the wrong conditions, on the wrong ground, and lacking experience. I think the main concern is that having the kit doesn't mean you understand how to use it correctly. And thats the dangerous bit.

AktoMan said...

"I think the main concern is that having the kit doesn't mean you understand how to use it correctly."


But no-one said - "is TGO focusing too much on gear, and not enough on skills?" The comments were about TGO's focus on lightweight gear.

Being brought up in the Western Isles, I'd love to see the outdoors industry revert to tweed.

First lightweight? Next they'll be making outdoors clothes in fashionable colours next - the world is just being turned upside down.

"I know I spend £200 on that latest waterproof jacket, but that was for Spring, what do you have in Autumnal colours?"

"Red? With my complexion? Hahaha"

"Yes, they are light, they are durable, but do you have it with a higher heel? I'm trekking with a tall lass, and I'd like to look her in the eyes"

Sorry, it has been a long week; and the weekend's going to be as bad.

John Hee said...

never mind mate - chin up

We'll always have Grasmere

AktoMan said...

LOL - background music from Miller Howe (honest ;-)