Saturday, 14 July 2007

Arai Tents

So, as the day is still overcast, I went for a wonder round the Net and found Arai Tents in Japan. Some nifty shapes of their shelters. If you have the right fonts, and don't need the translation page, click this link.

A Google of the tent gave me Daisuke Takeda's site (famous surname, Daisuke). Motorcycling around Japan, he wishes not to be added to the site.

Once more, I feel bad at not being able to speak a foreign language. So much for that jaunt round the Net cheering me up. Is it wrong to find humour in the fact that people have difficulty communicating in a foreign language? Although I think this means what it says. And this could be a new Gordon Brown initiative to retrain druggies. At least it's not "Tintin in the Congo"!