Friday, 6 July 2007

Common as Muck

The sharp-eyed will have noticed that a Creative Commons logo has appeared in the sidebar. I went for the "Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 UK: Scotland" option. The full details can be found here. I went for the Scots law option, as it is more brutal than the Roman law of our southern cousins. As Scots Law is derived from the old Norse, it allows me to reclaim what has been stolen from me in goods, chattels and thing-days. A thing was the old Germanic name for a slave.

So, you steal from me, I can take the doors to your car, your wife, or get you to work for me until the damage and hurt you have caused me has been worked off. This is why Scotland has less crime per capita than the rest of the UK.

We also have more lying toe-rags than the rest of the UK.


Big Kev said...

I can't imagine anyone nicking anything from my blog but you can't be too careful, I always say :o)

Thanks for the link.

AktoMan said...

Did Landward ever print your letter? I see there's been no update on comments

Big Kev said...

Nope. Not a peep. Nada.

Pablo said...

Mmmm. Always thought Scots Law was derived from Roman law and English law is...well...English. Both have lying toe-rags. Trust me, I know!
Great reading your blog. Found it through American Bushman.
If you fancy a Bushy/Wildlife type read have a look at Pablo's Woodlife Cheers, Pablo.

AktoMan said...

Hi Pablo, I've added you to my blogroll. I see you have tried the woodburning hiking stove. Link.

I was tempted, but went for the 'spirit' burning stove instead.

I'm back using the gas, as my experiments didn't get beyond the kitchen.