Saturday, 7 July 2007

Tescos self service

Just been forced through a Tescos self service til as no humans were on duty to accept my money. As a result, it took me at least twice as long to go through my meagre basket of essentials. As a result, i feel no customer loyalty, a mere bank account number. Where a statement that i can only buy 2 packs of aspirin is followed by "yes/no". I answer "no" as i'm only buying one pack and drop my stress cure into the bag. Alarm. Alarm. "you have placed an unscanned item in the bag". Actually, i had scanned it, but your programmer failed to ask the question correctly. They had failed to ask a question. Next time, i'll just cook some roadkill. Less painfull and more satisfaction.


sally in norfolk said...

we have just had 2 installed at the Tesco where i work..... we have staff employed to help customers learn how to use them !! but still most people hate them !!

AktoMan said...

Have you got to enter a PIN? When first installed in a store in Aberdeen you didn't. As a result (so it was said) the thieving chavs used stolen cards there. Or so I heard, before they were removed for re-fitting.