Monday, 9 July 2007

(Stray) Cat Strut

It may look sedentary, lazy even,
but can still move faster than the camera can refocus. (music link)
Playing around with failing sunlight over my parents' Gothic pile (without Photoshopping clouds).


Story Quine said...

so is that the beastie that's been eating Aktocat's dinner?

Nice brooding shot of the town hall - like it!

Storyquine - in the 'sunny' PD

AktoMan said...

Was this not the same cat that you were feeding?

Story Quine said...

Well, Aktocat has a bit of white on her and she didn't have a great big yellow label on her collar, so no, it doesn't look exactly the same one to me.

AktoMan said...

Ach well, I wonder what cat it was then, as that's my parent's one in the photo. Even the cats are typical blagging teuchters.