Sunday, 8 July 2007

Sunday in Sy

Overcast and showery in Stornoway.


Photo Notes:
1: Light levels changed on the clouds and then inversed. Old town hall has 25% black&white overlay. Even Stornoway is more colourful than this!
2: Cropped. A couple of blurred seagulls removed from the shot.


Andy Howell said...

That's Stornaway as I remember it.

Is it still impossible to get anything to eat after 6.30 pm?

AktoMan said...

Chip shops and take-aways. Supermarket. Even a few restaurants.

I rely on the kindness of relatives.

What shocked me was seeing a pub open on the Sunday. Complete with a staggering drunk sloped out on the street in the late afternoon. Ah, the hallmark of civilisation indeed.

Michael G Clark said...

Great photos Mr Aktoman sir.

But straightening the image makes it look less like you are pissed. That one's for free, unlike all my other advice of course.

AktoMan said...

I thought it was a matter of perspective? But then, I wasn't straight on to the front of the building, which, I suppose, I should have been - and easy to have done, no water, rocks or fences in the way.

Hey ho.

Andy Howell said...

Grief. Pubs on Sunday. What is the world coming to!

AktoMan said...

I think the top photo shows what the Lord thinks of that! There'll be some smoting going on, yeah and some gnashing of teeth.