Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Ultimate Outdoor Season

Just caught the trailer for the new BBC programme "Mountain", which starts at the weekend. I know that seeing Cameron McNeish on top of a Scottish hill may not be newsworthy, but the series looks like fun. There's a book to accompany the series, no doubt a dvd with added features, and maybe even cakes.

Griff Rhys Jones/Ultimate Outdoor Season - Mountain
A new series for BBC One presented by Griff Rhys Jones, it's on BBC One, Sunday 29 July at, 9pm. He's travelling the length of the UK on the country's highest mountain peaks - Wales, The Lake District, The Pennines, Central Scotland and the North West Highlands of Scotland. (link)

Griff will also look at the historical tales of the British mountains - epic battles, early pioneers and geological marvels. (link)

The series is part of the Ultimate Outdoors Season on the BBC. (link to BBC Press Office, which must be busy just now, as they haven't updated the information at time of my posting.)

There is a link to the BBC's page for the program...which is currently a placeholder (link ... the BBC busy again, perhaps.)

Now, what caught my attention was the phrase "Ultimate Outdoor Season". I found nothing on the BBC site about it, and the nothing on the BBC's Scotland/Outdoors mini-site. Of course, maybe with recent scandals, the BBC are resorting to sponsorship?

I wonder if Jones the Hill has been following the BBC's own advice on How to Climb Mountains from h2g2?

Other items you might wish to take are:
A large calibre rifle
Enough ammunition to take out a platoon of revolutionaries
An ice axe (for ice climbing and to slice meat for food from your climbing partner's frozen body)
Warm clothing
A religious item to use for when you beg God for mercy
A rope (this can be used to climb with, or to hang yourself when things get really bad)

Hold you ice axe is a menacing way and threaten your friend into climbing ahead of you, that way when avalanches and rock slides happen his body might deflect the first part of the onslaught which could allow you time to seek shelter. Continue on in this fashion making a good effort at not falling to your death. Also try not to be hit by falling objects like rocks, snow, and other mountaineers.
I think it is meant to be a parody. Maybe there's a premium rate number I can call and ask the BBC about their advice? Or what else will be in the "Ultimate Outdoor Season"? Ultimate is a big word to live up to.