Tuesday, 24 July 2007


Bearded Git!'s moved his blog across to WordPress. I'm not sure if the exclamation mark is required in his alias, but I don't want to be tarred with a particular hue.

Click here to be taken to the new BG! blog.


BG! said...

Cheers for blogging about my latest cyber-venture, Duncan.

It's not quite as exciting as you recent outing with Simon, though. Nice pics - looks like you had a great time.

p.s. Oh, and yes, the "!" in "BG!" is mandatory.

BG! said...

Eek - for "you", read "your".
Sorry about that.

BG! said...

Double Eek - that applies only to the first "you", obviously.

AktoMan said...

I hadn't realised that I had added a grammar checker!

P.S. you missed the capitalisation of the abbreviation "p.s." (sic)