Sunday, 22 July 2007

Cluanie horseshoe day 2

2 munros completed. Thanks Simon. Details to follow.
With a shower outside, the Akto's door vent comes in handy. The fabric is dropped out of the tent, so drips are avoided. Looking at the Kintail Harveys map of the bealach region we were in, I found a typo that I'll need to inform them of. See if you can spot it? Look for the Allt running from Coire a' Chait.
Simon in the neighbouring Akto.
Opportunity to photograph my cookset. Folding spork, Primus Micron, nalgene cup, home-made wind shield, gas cannister, Snow*Peak titanium mug, homemade pot cosy, sponge on its ziplock bag.
Pitched at 900m overlooking Gleann na Ciche. Simon's Akto on the left and mine on the right.
Lochan nan Doirbeag
Looking back at the unnamed lochan (self-named Lochan nan Doirbeag) where we had camped on Saturday night.
A' Chralaig in cloud
A' Chralaig in cloud.
Gleann na Ciche
Gleann na Ciche.
Low cloud over Affric
Low cloud over Affric.
Eastern ridge in cloud
Eastern ridge in cloud.
Near A' Chralaig
Near A' Chralaig.
A' Chralaig cairn
A' Chralaig cairn.
Simon at A' Chralaig
Simon at A' Chralaig.
A' Chralaig [Munro 37, 1120m/3674ft]
Duncan at A' Chralaig [Munro 37, 1120m/3674ft].
On to the Stob
On to Stob Coire na Cralaig.
Three folk overtake us
Three folk overtake us.
Onward to the Stob
Onward to the Stob.
Near Mullach
Near Mullach Fraoch-choire. The worse of the work done - expect we have to head back the same way. I hope the low cloud doesn't lift suddenly.
Mullach Fraoch-choire [Munro 38. 1102m/3615ft]
Duncan and Simon on Mullach Fraoch-choire [Munro 38. 1102m/3615ft]
junction near Stob
Junction near Stob Coire na Cralaig. We would head down into Coire Odhar rather than taking the longer trek back to A'Chralaig and then down.
Looking up from Coire Odhar
Looking up from Coire Odhar.
To An Caorann Mor
Looking down from Coire Odhar to An Caorann Mor.
Below the cloud mass
Below the cloud mass in An Caorann Mor, heading down to the valley floor.
Trek out
An Caorann Mor was a bit boggy, but not seriously so.
The path
Gaining the hardpath in the glen.
Cluanie appears
Loch Cluanie appears.
Stone walls
Strange stone walls, some I shaped, some T or Y shaped in the glen. Some form of sheep shelter perhaps?
Simon back at car
14km and 5 Munros later, Simon back at the car.
Duncan back at car
A few minutes later, I, too, was back at the car. Soon after, I would be hunting for my car keys - losing them after unlocking the car.


Anonymous said...

I spotted you outside the Cluanie on Friday afternoon. You had a red motor ending 'MSS' and your mate had a wee BMW sports car. I was in a white VW Camper. I was going to say hello, but I wasn't sure if it was yourself. Hope you had a great walk. Iain.

AktoMan said...

Hi Iain. Well spotted. Aye, that was me and Simon. Just offloading the folk from the broken minibus - hence nipping back and forward 3 times.

Would we have seen you on the hills that weekend?

Jerry said...

Splendid. Perhaps the round of Loch Mullardoch next, mountain man?

AktoMan said...

Posting the write-up and photos in the next hour, Jerry. I'm no "mountain man" - I'm too scared of falling. Confidence definitely dropped again.

Hoping to get to the Cairngorms this weekend if the weather (and paperwork) doesn't stop me. The Braeriach side of the Lairig, which I didn't get to last Summer.

Simon said...

Don't listen to Duncan. He hasn't posted the best photos of him laughing in the face of exposure around the pinacles. Mostly because I haven't sent them to him yet. He has been recommended for the award of Scrambling Hero First Class.

AktoMan said...

Remember that brown sticky mud that I suggested was clay, Simon....well...

And no magazine features people keeping 5 points of contact with the ground at times. Let alone travelling at 9kph sliding down the grassy slope in a controlled bum-slide on Saturday.

Simon said...

Wet grass glissading - it's a very advanced technique.

AktoMan said...

I'll try and remember that term :)

Nick said...

Glad to see i'm not the only one to have an Akto porch that looks like downtown Basra. To hell with the personal admim i say! LOL.

AktoMan said...

Not at all, Nick. I have an organised tent.

The porch has the trekking poles and kitchen there. If reasonable weather, probably the food bags too (lack of thieving beasties).

To the left of the porch are my boots. Between the two areas is the passageway, which is where I was cooking.

The photo of the cooking gear was to show what I carried. If you see any photos of my porch, they tend to have the gear in the usual places. Same goes for the tent inner. Weather sometimes changes the layout, but not often.