Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Primus ETA Express

From the European OutDoor fair (singular 'outdoor'), Trail's Gear Blog posted about the new Primus ETA Express solo cook system (link).

From the great newsfeed from Trail, and the detailed postings on Roman/Lighthiker's blog (if you're not sure what a blog is...well, too late), this integrated system from Primus has been the only bit of kit to catch my eagle eyes.

The lower section looks similar to the Primus Micron, and when searching for more information, I find that Cameron McNeish wrote that: "Chris has been getting a little excited by the new Primus EtaExpress stove" (link).

Link to Chris Townsend's blog. I'm waiting for the review of this tent to appear in TGO. PS: nice photo.


Chris Townsend said...

Glad you like the photo. Unfortunately I couldn't get that tent on the plane as hand luggage so I had to leave it behind!

The EtaExpress burner is a simpler version of the Micron with the same legs. The pot is available separately so you could just buy it and use it with the Micron or any other stove of that type. The windscreen is only a partial one - I'd use a foil one instead.

AktoMan said...

Thanks, Chris. I'll need to keep an eye out to see if it worth getting one.