Monday, 9 July 2007

Heron Hunting

Out a hunting heron which I'd seen on the walk in.
Twice I got close, but I think it heard the camera clicking. Shame, as it is a waste of energy for it to fly off from my innocuous camera.
Tourist shot - shame that the neds kept tooting their horns every time they saw another fellow ned. So loud was their mating call, that it drowned out the sounds of a pipe band practising. Who said the young give a hoot about their carbon footprint?


sally in norfolk said...

Great pics of the Heron.....some one many years ago once compared me to a heron..long and grace full ( they were mad )

AktoMan said...

I like their style - pausing quietly, waiting to pounce. An underestimated hunter. Softly softly catchee frogee

AktoMan said...

I see that Tom Mangan had similar trouble with Egrets in San Francisco Bay:
Snowy egrets are a smaller cousin to the Great Egret. They have an uncanny knack for taking flight about a second before your camera's ready to take their picture.