Friday, 13 July 2007

Trail Price Improver

I saw this on the Trail Gear Blog:

Every month we scour the internet to find the best prices on the gear featured in the new issue of the magazine. Where we find savings over the rrp, we let you know here.

Sounds great, and a lot of work done by Trail...err,

Hey, BG, fancy a bivi/bivvy from GearZone? 70 quid cheaper than Field & Trek are selling it.

Me? I'm saying nothing, nor shall you infer anything from my comments or silence.

Settling on spelling: bivouac ; bivvy .


BG! said...



AktoMan said...

LOL - I thought that'd cheer you up. I see you've not left a comment with Trail/

Still, one customer's problem doesn't indicate an endemic problem with a website.

No-one else has commented on a forum, have they? Trail, OM, TGO?

Maybe it's just you then? Or that tent?

BG! said...

AktoMan said...

Interesting comments.

In other spheres of interest, some magazines would love that sort of thing, and would be round knocking on doors on behalf of the customer.

The outdoors world is obviously more timid.

AktoMan said...

Have you mailed GT about your problems with a company that Trail are recommending, BG?

I saw from the thread that some people had received some products from the company, so they seem to be still trading.

BG! said...

I'll start the 5h1t-stirring when I've got my refund, until then I'm keeping a tight rein on my temper.

I don't know if they just got around to reading my stack of emails, or whether the bank has prompted them, but I've been offered the choice of a refund or another long wait (weeks not days). I took the first option, then they said the refund process could take 14 working days! When I ordered the damned tent, they took my cash immediately. You can guess how I feel about the "14 working days" comment.
Happy, happy, happy.

AktoMan said...

I don't know if they have to refund any interest on your credit card too. But I suspect the answer is no.

Nice little earner.