Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Letters Page

Martin asked:

I'm quite interested in how you're doing your blogging on the go. Are you still using your K800? I was wondering what s/w you used with it to update your blog. Ran a couple of searches through the blog and couldn't find many details, that's all.

I'm on the Sony Ericsson k800i mobile phone, and can email in directly to Blogger. You can tend to spot emailed blog entries, as they have lower case "i" instead of "I", lack paragraphs and have no photographs. I'll often return to the article and add in photographs.

I used to be able to email photographs to my blog, but the k800 has an annoying feature that allows you to "send photograph to blog". It is annoying in that Blogger then removed the facility to email photographs. When I can be bothered, I'll find a work-around (e.g. emailing Zooomr or Flickr), but I'm tired of finding work-arounds for problems that weren't there before. The "send to blog" feature doesn't allow queuing of posts, so is useless when out on the hills and you can't get a phone signal.

Normally, I'll post from a PC via Windows Live Writer, which I think is ace. Or Blogger's Posting Creator, which I think is old hat (except the automatic "save now" feature).

I'll post photos to my Zooomr account, and copy the HTML for the medium photograph in to the HTML view of the blog article. My Munro log is across at Flickr, so I'll do the same from there. Videos are on YouTube, and, again, they give you the HTML code to add to your article.

I try to remember to add tags (labels in Blogger-speak). Of course, I can't do that via the mobile phone.

Any editing of photographs will tend to be done on Photoshop Elements v2, and movie clips on Windows Movie Maker.

I hope that answers your questions, Martin.