Saturday, 14 July 2007

Rainy Days

As the weather seems to be set in its ways, I'm loading up the mobile phone with some podcasts to listen to without the old computer groaning under the weight.

Some of Bob's from The Outdoors Station can be found via iTunes or links on OM. Others are coming from the US site.

I've previously tried using my iPod as an mp3 player (if you catch my drift), but it caused serious problems when I later tried to re-sync it to the base computer. So much so, that I can't be bothered risking it. So, another piece of gear that I don't trust to do its core job (portable entertainment).


AktoMan said...

Add to that Cameron McNeish's interview with the new MCoS chairman, Chris Townsend. Podcast

alvinwriter said...

Yup, the iPod's a good friend on rainy days, but one can never be too careful with lightning strikes that seem to prefer the iPod. Read on how the iPod can be hazardous to wear.

- Alvin from The Sci-Tech Desk at

AktoMan said...

Thanks, Alvin:

"The man suffered ruptured eardrums, a fractured jaw, and burns that ran from his torso to his ears, right along the lines of where the headphone cords had been."

My system just got confused between the iPod and the external usb hard drive. iTunes wiped the hard drive without asking me, and installed my music/podcasts/movies on it.

But, hey, it did tell me that I had a 200gig iPod!

These days, I only connect the ext drive when I need it for storage.