Thursday, 19 July 2007


Engebret's Filling Station and Shop, Sandwick Road, Stornoway. They have maps, books, even saw some Haglof kit and a collection of Optimus Prime stoves. And the gas to run them. Lots of other mundane things like magazines, food, drink, oh, and petrol/diesel.

Nothing compared to where Roman hopes to be going in a couple of days time. But I'll make do with a copy of Colin Demét's "Cúchulainn" (publisher: Wordcatcher). Summary of the hero's life on Wikipedia.


Story Quine said...

Kinsella's translation is crap - there's a better one, O'Rhially's - I have a copy of it - much better description of his battle fury.

More on the Tain Bo Cualinge - The Cattleraid of Cooley here

Cuchulain, who got his name after killing the hound of Culain the Smith, and offered to guard his compound while, he, Setanta trained a new dog, so he became 'The Hound of Culain' or the Hound of Ulster - Cu - Gaelic for Dog.

One of my favourite Irish heroes!

Great stuff!

AktoMan said...

Most are a copy of Sláine.

And then there's the Pogues