Tuesday, 24 July 2007

How Scottish?

A company have a calculator on their site that tells you how Scottish your name is.

An index score of 100 is the average for all name combinations in Scotland.

I scored 257.

A nephew of mine would score 276, but he does have a Gaelic-spelt first name.


Michael G Clark said...

My score is 31, I'm moving to England now.

AktoMan said...


Alex Salmond = 207
Sean Connery = 34
Robert Bruce = 144
William Wallace = 147
Robert Macgregor = 188
Gordon Brown = 95
Tony Blair = 35
Margaret Thatcher = 9
David Tennant = 62
Ewan McGregor = 268

...finally, I was getting bored by the end.

Phil W said...

I'm a 4!! Hurray
Phil (Yorkshire)

Big Kev said...

I scored 137. That's what I get for moving to the Lowlands.

AktoMan said...

Cheer up, Big Kev, you are still an average Scot above (Sir) Sean Connery, and still having space for 3/4 of a Yorkshireman.