Sunday, 29 July 2007

If The Cap Fits

Finally did something with the CafePress account. Ordered myself a baseball cap with the full AktoMan logo on it, in khaki (link).


Andy Howell said...

You sad bastard :-)

... but can I have one, please?

I'll have to think about printing that book of mine now!

AktoMan said...

You sad bastard

You've only just figured that out, Andy? :)

I've not used CafePress before, so look forward to seeing how good their printing process is.

John Hee said...

well Andy's already beaten me on my first response. So I'll just add.......spending all that time in a darkened room recently has had some unfortunate side effects

AktoMan said...

Ah, the green-eyed demon rears its head.

Lighthiker said...

Have we seen the start of a new cottage business? Aktoman Fashion?
What's next - T-Shirt? Or will you be really brave with Aktoman underwear?
At least you advertise for yourself! How about adding the Webaddress to it?
When I was out in the hills last weekend I saw a Japanese guy wearing a baseball cap which stated: "Intel inside". I was wondering if the guy recognized what he was wearing...;-))
What about Aktoman Inside?

AktoMan said...

I thought of the thong, but that's just, well, wrong.

So, there's a mug gone up now too. Something to rehydrate your beverages in.