Wednesday, 26 September 2007

As Others See You

Listening to part 1 of Robert Hausam's interview on the podcast. Robert walked across Scotland earlier this year on the TGO Challenge. This was his first time in Scotland and he came purely on information gained over the Internet, including forums and Bob C's podcasts.

To hear my homeland being described as "exotic" and our wonderful access laws being heralded to the world. The question of "what is a bothy?" is raised, and answered. Taken for granted, i find it strange that they might be "staffed?" B&b "hospitality wonderful".

He discusses his wearing of hiking sandals on the crossing. The nearest experience he has had was in the Alaskan tundra.

Terrain. Scenic. History. Culture. Old civilisations, chatting to folk, getting a feel for local life. Meeting other Challengers on a daily basis. Met some Munro baggers ... "what is a Munro?"... Good recall on that, remembering that Sir Hugh didn't compleat.

Good to hear that overseas visitors are well looked after. Different approaches to hiking in UK hmm, maybe hiking is a bit more common in UK than US. Elevenses not common in the US. Also the ability to go out, climb a couple of peaks, pub for a pint and then home, because of the shorter distances involved. Good to hear that Robert hopes to come back. Large fried breakfasts and pubs mentioned too.

Update - link to podcast page, featuring written article, photographs and kit list too.