Sunday, 30 September 2007

Slains Castle

Went up the road to Slains Castle. Well, it was sunny, and I got a text from Mike, who'd been ill, saying that he was a bit better and it was sunny. We eventually found the castle - it's a castle on the coast. Decent car park, and walked down the farm track (it killed my Allegro's suspension years ago).

IMG_3313z IMG_3103z

Great setting for a castle.


Cheap silhouette.



Mike wanted some 'book cover' shots


With the pains I'm currently suffering, I couldn't climb up to the same ledge.


Michael G Clark said...

Who is that pointy faced freak in the window?

AktoMan said...

the wicked witch o' the north-east

Michael G Clark said...

How very dare you!

Found a shot of Slains from 1900, its on blog now. Didn't know it was as old as it was, explains all the miss-matched stonework.

allen said...

That does look a lot like Spiner. Uncanny.

AktoMan said...

I've posted a photo here - can you tell them apart?


Story Quine said...

Great shots - though Clarkie does look a bit like 'Man at C&A' - and Aktoman, surely you're referencing 'Kilroy was ere'?

And yes, this is not the original Slains, the real one, that belonged to the Comyns of Buchan was siezed by Robert the Bruce and given to his pals the Hays of Erroll. Later, the Hays were on the Catholic side post-reformation, and James VI blew up the castle, so the Hays moved along the road and built another castle! It's also where Bram Stoker is supposed to have visited when he was writing Dracula.

I've got shots from Old Slains or Old Castle as the little hamlet is called, I'll post em later. Alternatively, go into Slains Castle pub in Belmont St, and they do have lots of shots of the original from these old prints.

AktoMan said...

Clever - I haven't though about the old Kilroy 'toons for years. Weren't they supposed to have originated from an American inspector in the shipyards? He marked up work with that tag. Probably an urban legend.

allen said...

To miss quote HIGHLANDER "they are brothers!"

AktoMan said...

And Mike's the older, more inteliggant one.