Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Tekkeon myPower Go

I collected the Tekkeon myPower Go unit from the sorting office today. That place is turning more space over to failed deliveries of parcels/packets each time I go there. I wonder if someone in power will see this failure to communicate as a problem for the Post Office, or will we customers keep having to bear the hidden costs of self-collection, or turning over our weekends to waiting for a redelivery.

But anyway... the Tekkeon unit. It's a box. About 80mm x 65mm, and the height of an old audio cassette box (ask your grandparents about that one). Slot in 4 AA batteries (not supplied), close the box and plug in the USB-terminated cable and the relevant connection head. The batteries can then be used to charge devices. There's an input socket, and you can use the myPower Go as a battery charger.


In the box, there's a decent manual, and a pile of connections and a carry bag. If you have a USB cable for a device (eg an iPod), you can use that to charge the device. The manual mentions not watching videos on the iPod when recharging as the iPod batteries are drained faster than the myPower Go can recharge the player.


Spec - weight 4.5 oz with batteries (127 grams). Not waterproof (dry locations only). 18quid delivered from Expansys.

From 4 AA batteries. 6 hours of mobile phone talk-time; 1.5 hrs of media player time; 20 hours of audio playback. iPod times are listed separately.

Rationale for ordering.

Also collected GITS SAC 2nd GIG. All 26 episodes. YT clip. Kusanagi and Co (not Grasscutter, that's from Usagi).


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