Saturday, 8 September 2007

Boom Boom

Went to listen to some John Lee Hooker this morning. Went through my cds. The only one I could find was one with JLH and Canned Heat. Played that, but it didn't satisfy the urge, so I had to dust off (quite literally) my tape collection. How sad - I've never got round to updating the tapes to CD. Maybe because I have some CD compellations of early blues, which he features in.

My first introduction to the bluesman was in "The Blues Brothers" - when it was finally released on video in 1990. YT Link - in the clip, there's a fight starting at the end, maybe it is in the extended version of the movie - a good excuse to watch the dvd I recently got.

Tape is now playing "One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer", and painkiller taken, so off shopping. Maybe that shopping list and ibuprofen isn't a sensible mix. I won't put the YT link in for that track, as it's a later mix and I'm not keen on the treatment; so here's the atmospheric "Tupelo Blues" instead.

Link: official site


AktoMan said...

Watching the extended version of the Blues Brotehrs on the bonus disk - lots of extra dialogue, but Cab Calloway's feet are missing. You used to see them at the end of the scene with the Penguin at the top of the stairs, and Jake and Elwood looking up at her.

Also, Elwood has a job in a cheese whiz factory - explaining the old timer asking him for cheese whiz when the brothers go to the hostel.

Additionally, the extended John Lee Hooker sequence is in the extended version. And more dancing in James Brown's kirk.

A must have for any Christmas stocking.

Andy Howell said...


AktoMan said...

Yeah, such a similar track ;-)

Doesn't float my boat at all, Andy.

Nor this one.

Not my kind of blues. Heck, I don't even class this as blues, no matter how good it is. When I want to listen to the blues, I want to hear a particular story, tone, 'voice'. Everything else is, well, something else.