Thursday, 20 September 2007

Doctors at the Top

I noticed that Horizon on Sunday is showing

Everest: Doctors in the Death Zone

Hypoxia is the medical name for what happens when the body runs short of oxygen. It affects intensive care patients and it's a problem for climbers at high altitude. But some people cope far better with low oxygen than others and no-one quite knows why. So, in this stirring two-part Horizon, a group of British doctors sets off to Mount Everest to try to find out. Their dedication is verging on the heroic. Getting up Everest is tough enough, but once there, they set up entire labs full of hi-tech medical gadgets and put themselves through gruelling tests involving pedalling on exercise bikes and swallowing tubes. Worse, the doctors' whole project is threatened by the need to assist other climbers, whose casual attitude to human life is in horribly stark contrast to their own.

I heard the radio program about these folk and that was impressive, so I'll definitely be watching the TV version. It won't be the same, not lying in my tent at 1010metres on the side of Cairn Toul (link).