Thursday, 27 September 2007

Better Late than Never

This blog is one year and 2 days old. As I didn't start recording site statistics with Google Analytics until February of 2007, I don't have accurate figures. However, since February, there have been 27,666 pageviews, 16,415 visits from 6,019 absolute unique visitors.

A quick extrapolation gives a very rough estimate of numbers of real people (according to Google anyway) reading this blog:

  • UK 4,788
  • USA 544
  • Germany 169
  • Norway 52
  • Canada 47
  • France 43
  • Ireland 39
  • Netherlands 32
  • Australia 32
  • South Korea 22
  • Others 251

Thank you for calling by, and I hope I have helped you get through the day in some useful way. This blog has certainly been therapeutic for me in the last 367 days. Shame the way some things have gone, more than happy the way other things have gone. Just goes to prove that I have no intention of pleasing all the people all the time - if you don't like it, go and look at happy pictures of cats instead. Some times it rains. Deal with it.

In the meantime, I'm still waiting the appointment with the physio. I have to eat to line my stomach for the painkillers. Hmm, eating, and no exercise in case I make things worse. Even I know that's a bad combo. But I'm dealing with it.