Sunday, 9 September 2007

CamelBak Parts

I decided to have a look for a replacement tube and bite valve for my CamelBak 2litre reservoir. I've had it for three summers, used it on every trip. Although cleaned regularly, the tube is getting stained, and I'm forever fishing out trapped gunk from the bite valve. So, time for a replacement.

Looking online, as I don't feel up to a walk up town (especially as I was going to spend today catching up with some of the work I'd missed), I see that it may be cheaper to buy a new system. In a similar vein to Darren's disposable printers, I notice that a new tube is £17.99 and a bite valve is £4.99 (source). A new 2 litre reservoir is £15.49 (source).

Of course, I'm not comparing like with like. The parts are for their military systems, and so are probable made of tougher material. A squaddy needs to know that a bite valve will work 100% of the time in the field, and will be using there's more often than us civvy hikers.

I did laugh to see that you could now buy the "HydroLink Tactical Pump" which will "refills reservoirs with ease. Operators no longer need to stop, remove their packs and access the reservoir pouch to fill back up." (link) Me? I use a plastic bottle with a special lid. Cost - well, free if you have the drinks bottle already. (link)

As to the original reason for looking, well, I'll have a wander into town during the week and look at a couple of shops that I know stock CamelBak spares. Worst-case scenario, twenty notes on a new hydration system.


BG! said...

What's so special about the standard tube that makes it so expensive? When a friend of mine replaces his tubes, he uses stuff off a roll that he bought from the local aquatics shop, works out at about 50p per replacement.

AktoMan said...

Thanks for the tip, BG! I'll investigate this during the week.

No idea what's so special about the tube system. Captive market, perhaps?