Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Gear: Coleman F1 Lite Lantern

Bought a Coleman F1 Lite Lantern from Craigdon's sale during my lunchbreak. It may be more sociable to sit round that than a glow-stick or a torch. It used up the gift voucher I got from my workmates (thanks for that).

Hmm, I wonder if I can spray citronella onto the mantle to ward off beasties. Maybe someone could manufacture citronella-scented gas?


George Griffin said...

More equipment! :-)

Looks a nice little lantern, any idea of power consumption and how long the gas may last.


AktoMan said...

No idea, George. Just looked nice and cozy. I didn't read any reviews of it beforehand, just scoured the shop for something I was interested in spending the voucher on.

I envisage sitting around the 'fire' substitute when 'glamping'. So far, glowsticks have been used. Not sure how much warmth (if any) it throws out.

I'll play with it tonight. Prowling the streets of Aberdeen with my lantern hanging from the end of a waling pole. Awooooo, awoooo.

AktoMan said...

Tested the lantern out, and it is brighter than the Petzl e-Lite, but not as bright as the 3-LED Tikka. There is hand-warming warmth given off. The metal plate at the top of the lantern heats up quickly (no surprise), so I'll need to remember to clip on the hanging-chains before lighting lantern.

Anonymous said...

How durable is the mantle inside? Is it well enough protected that it won't fall to bits? One lantern I had years ago needed a new one every evening, as jiggling it about in my pack caused it to disintegrate completely.

AktoMan said...

I honestly don't know about the durability of the mantle. I suppose I'll have to carry (and buy) a spare one. First time I've used owned one of these lanterns, so it's all a big adventure for me.

New kit = excitement

Is that the formula for being a sad geek, or what?