Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Fall Out

Walking back from the doctor's today I sighted a council worker sweeping up the leaves from the street. The first sign of Fall/Autumn? I know the seasons are different, but we don't have 'Fall' in the UK, combining it all into Autumn. Strange that, some of the terms from the English language exist in the New World, but not in the Old.

I saw that Colin Prior has a presentation at TechFest later this month. Also, Ben Fogle gives a talk about his passion for the natural world; Ann Lindsay on 300 years of plant collectors; Dr Iain Stewart and his hot rocks. Plus a pile of other science-centred tours, presentations and events.

And the reason for going to the medico? A recurrence of the stomach-ache I had a few weeks back. I'm under orders to rest up and eat light food. It may be a bug or something like that - nothing serious - so ruled out Lyme disease, hernia, appendicitis, pregnancy. Sorry to those who are covering for me at work.


Simon said...

Medical orders to "eat light food". Isn't that against the Human Rights Act?

Alan Sloman said...

Time for that long postponed diet then Duncan!

Hope you get well soon! :-)

AktoMan said...

But this is Scotland, Simon, so Doc's orders mean only one deep-fried pizza washed down with a can of cider (apple based drink).

AktoMan said...

Alan, thanks - I'm in enough pain without adding to it ;-)

I just need to get out more.

BG! said...

I had to read paragraph 2 a few times before my mind registered "TechFest" instead of "FeckTest". Now it's inside my head and it won't go away... aaaarrrrrgh!

I hope you feel better soon, Duncan.

AktoMan said...

You don't sound too well yourself, BG! ! ;-)

Cheers for wishes.