Thursday, 20 September 2007

Signing in Sheet

I haven't done a visitors round-up for a while. And I'm not going to do one just now at this late hour, but one stat caught my eye when I started to close down the tabs in FireFox..."visitor recency". 0 days ago, this blog had 1,477 visits (70.67% of all visitors).

I'll need to pass round a sign-in sheet (especially if you're reading this outside of normal hours). Wow, and thank you. Sadly, however, only 884 of you are absolutely unique. Making, pro-rata, 624.72 unique visits on September 18th (when Google Analysis compiled the figures) ... however, my chart for that day only shows 49 unique visitors on the 18th. So I'm not sure what the other 575.72 readers are categorised as? Maybe this is where RSS readers come in?

Whether workmates keeping track of my movements, or friends and family saving money on a telephone call (Scots tight with money? never!), or some of my students following up links when I left comments with the wrong account logged in, or folk looking for photos of favourite knitted slippers, or people waiting for the next online flame war about hiking socks, or wondering when I'll get up Bennachie next (as am I)...whoever you are, thank you for dropping by. When I see the map of visitor locations, I can't help but be taken aback by the whole global nature of the Web2.0 experience.

So, from me, good night, and good luck ' '