Thursday, 6 September 2007

Pacing the Walls

Third day off ill. Got a total of 3 hours sleep last night. With about 3 hours of pacing and limbering exercises and attempts to doze off between 2am and 5am.

FJ came round to see how I was doing. I gave her a presentation AktoMug, but the photo was too unfocussed to post here. I'll sort something out later (re-posed next day).


Problems on the mend, at about the same timings as the last time. In case it was food poisoning, I've attacked kitchen surfaces with some chemical treatment. So tired that pushing the Dyson round the flat wore me out - felt exactly like the time at Killin (but without the headaches). As it's on the mend, I didn't go back to the Doc.

Hopefully good to go back to work tomorrow. I'll need to get some chocs for the folk that have been covering for me.

Oh, and I've been banned from the OB forum again. Maybe someone needs some of the tabs that the spammers sell to cut down on this premature evictioning.


Michael G Clark said...

You should stop swearing on the forum you **u*n *u**s *an***d P**h**ap.

Glad you're on the mend.

AktoMan said...

I replied to a comment from a spammer. Something to do with my problem IS staying up all night. Boom tish.

Still run down - walk round to chemist was tiring.

kathy said...

Hi Aktoman

We've had a vote in the office and everyone, apart from me, want chocolates, especially Sheila but Doreen and Maggie come in a close second.

Methinks bring fruit but cannot vouch for Maggie's temper if she does not get chocolates!

Hope your on the mend.


AktoMan said...

Would one of these suffice? Fruit and chocolate.

Hope to get a decent night's sleep - lying down has been painful, hence stretching to loosen the muscles.

Hot water, peppermint tea, light snacks (tomatoes, fish flakes) - I'll be losing weight if I was able to walk distances.

The Solitary Walker said...

Back to work on a Friday? At least have another day off (plus the weekend)so you can scout around the shops thoroughly for some really good quality chocs, fruit etc. It's times like this I'm glad I'm self-employed!

AktoMan said...

Life isn't like that in education, Sol.

btw: thanks to Darren for getting me re-OBed.

BG! said...

Sorry, Duncan. It must have been me. I can't see how, though. All I did was:

1. Go to the offending post
2. Find the IP address of the offender
3. Paste it into the list of banned IP addresses
4. Save the list
5. Go back to the offending post and hit delete

The only way that I can see that this will boot you off is if the offender is using the same IP address as you, but maybe I'm missing something.

All you had to do was email/text/phone me to let me know that I'd booted you off. How can I make timely corrections if I'm the last to know?

What the f*ck, I just won't bother helping again.

AktoMan said...

BG!, I was just playing around, nothing serious. Just wanted to see how quickly someone noticed.

I know I could have emailed someone, but, heck, I'm stuck indoors with this pain in my side for the 3rd day (4th now), so am totally bored. It gave me something to write.

Sorry if I upset you :(

Simon said...

Just caught up on this. Re the heaps of books in the photo, I think that I prefered your previous approach. :o)

AktoMan said...

ha, bl@@dy, ha ;-)

The lower section has all my Ospreys and they are neatly arranged in chronological order. The upper sections have no chance.

Does it reflect my personality? The chaotic ego and the ordered id? I doubt it, I just like being able to grab books when I need them.

Simon said...

Er, I think that means that it does reflect your personality! ;o)

You are clearly on the mend.

AktoMan said...

:) boom tish

Even got the presents for folk at work who've been covering for me.

As you can see from some of the comments, they're not exactly subtle. But the poor sods have had 4 days of my classes - including cover of me covering someone else - added to their normal workload.