Saturday, 22 September 2007

Taking the P155

A couple of power-systems quoted in The Goat during the last week.

Urine Powered Batteries for Sale in Japan

Sadly, only 3-5 recharges, and only 500mAh. But it's another step forward. There is comment about the translation on WeirdAsiaNews, and that any liquid would work, not just urine.

Backpack Straps that Generate Power

Pack straps made from piezoelectric material will be able to convert mechanical strain on the packs into energy that can power small electronics.

A similar (or same) system was reported in Trail a few months ago. I like the idea of generation systems. As previously mentioned, I thing solar power is too unreliable for my use, so power generation systems that rely on movement seem better e.g. wind movement, water movement, human movement (or pet movement?) Unit fuel cell technology advances to the extent that we can just add water to recharge batteries.