Sunday, 7 October 2007


Went to Archaeolink Prehistory Park near Bennachie (which I'm not allowed to climb until I've seen the physio).

The wicker man is ready for burning at the end of Summer. Wonder if they have this track ready? What do you expect with a pose like that?


As you approach the thatched round house, the atmosphere is set.



Some of FJ's friends were storytelling - not only were they very good, but they had some swords for me to look at whilst the ladies talked about the new "Robin Hood" series that started last night. Me? Excepting the Sheriff, I can't stand it. So I gave the weaponry the once over. The left one looked familiar, and I later found the original in a book of mine - it was a replica Viking sword c950AD.


...and they were still talking, so I started playing with the fire.





Story Quine said...

Don't worry - you aren't that dead - just cos we all fancy Guy of Gisborne! (Fwwwwooooaaaarrrrr) Mmm, men and medieval eyeliner! Poz will tell you that we had a cute teen Goth in the audience so that got us started.

We will all be storytelling at the Wickerman weekend, do come!!! That's why my handle is Storyquine, obviously!!

Michael G Clark said...

I went to wicker man thing at Alchiolink a few wears ago. They'd made the wicker man out of thick logs and tried to light it with a burning torch. We left after 45 minutes and they were still trying to light it.

It's better now apparently.

AktoMan said...

Fire...dim dum

AktoMan said...

And now with feeling...

Story Quine said...

I can vouch for the Wickerman burning far better now, Clarkie, you'd love it! The annual wickerman statue is built by designers now as opposed to cooncil workers! ;-)