Sunday, 28 October 2007

Stonehaven Fish Supper


Haddock supper from Carron chippy. Well, there's an artillery link there. Mike wanted something that wasn't fried, so i left him going to other places. Where he failed to get served, so left. After eying up some crows on the beach, he heads back into the square to see if anyone is now willing to take his money - especially as cashmachine broke down with his card still in it.


Story Quine said...

ah, fooooood! I can almost smell the aroma of Sandy's Chipper. You could send that to them to use as an ad.

Story Quine said...

Ahh, I see you went to the competition. Sandy's is my favourite esp cos they have lots of Vettriano prints on the walls. Very up market for a fish&chip shop. Dizzy's bar in Carden place also has prints of my fave Fifer's work on their walls, and they are up market as bars go.

AktoMan said...

Went to chippy for chips, not prints.

I don't think they would have filled the toplayer of the box with haddock. So big they had to fold it in two to fit in. And such fine batter. And the chips were good too.

And named after the makers of the short-arsed naval gun too.

Michael G Clark said...

I think Vettriano prints are perfect for a chipper, they are about as original as a haddock. And they smell of fish too!!!

Still haven't got me card yet. I'm going to start blowing up banks... Not exploding them, just blowing on them in an upwards direction. That'll learn them.