Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Test: Image Size

This is a test. Awoo. Awoo. Testing the size of the image. I changed upload setting from "medium" to "large". Will this have an effect on size of image that appears in blog next time that I blog from the phone.


Story Quine said...

Gee whizz - you realise that photo is now social history? The bowling alley is no more... Aktoman in his younger days having scored a strike... ;->

That was when I thought that the ppl at you-know-where were all a bunch of scary maniacs! I was a feart little twenty-something newly in the job!!!! Bad memories! ;-)

p.s. turned out that description didn't really apply to ALL of them!

AktoMan said...

I'd forgotten that. Ah well.

Anyway - just testing a theory to see if the size of the photo-setting made a difference to the received image from the mobile phone.

It didn't. Ah well.