Friday, 5 October 2007

That AktoMan Look

In his blog, Alan Sloman wrote:

Has anyone else noticed the remarkable similarity between Aktoman and David Mitchell?

LOL, Alan. My excuse was that I was very, very ill.

Mitchell is the one who isn't Webb.


Alan Sloman said...

My usual excuse for the unexplained is best portrayed by Rowley Birkin Q.C.

Duncan said...

I think this shows what can be done by a skillful team of people:

A different Rowley Birkin Q.C. clip.

Alan Sloman said...

Those 14 seconds of total silence were some of the most compelling you are ever likely to see in comedy show.

Brilliant stuff.

AktoMan said...

It could be my current mood, but pathos-in-comedy seems to be more memorable than comedy-in-drama. I've mentioned in the past about Scrubs handling pathos well.